Krause Woodworking Ltd.

Sorrento B.C.
Über uns

Krause Woodworking was established in March 1996. The savoir faire of traditional Europen craftsmanship has come to be our trademark. Quality, uniqueness and one-of-a-kind products are featured in our gallery showcase. This is the kind of work that can only happen when each piece is created with care and dedication to the highest standards.

  • Our Workmanship. The building of a new home is both exciting and intimidating. Our workmanship and focus on detail allows you peace of mind so you can enjoy the process and feel the satisfaction of watching a new house become a home.
  • Featured Work: We are fortunate to have some of our best work featured in magazines and journals, influencing readers with style, taste, and vision.
  • Millwork: We are thinkers and makers who are passionate about excellence and contemporary style.
  • Veneer and Panelling: Take a look at some of the veneers and panelling that come out of our workshop to learn more about our capabilities.


591 Elson Road , V0E 2W1 Sorrento B.C.
001 (250) 319- 4563